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Out. Of.  
The. Box

Successful Winter Ascent On Mont Blanc - 4810m

In the winter of 2009 I successfully summited Mont Blanc (4810 meters), the highest peak in Alps and Western Europe.

Successful Winter Ascent On Elbrus - 5642m

In the winter of 2010 I successfully summited Elbrus (5642 meters), the highest peak in Europe. The expedition to Caucasus Mountains was done with a 20 years old BMW, driving 13.000 kilometers through 15 countries and reaching The Arctic Circle in Lapland. The story went viral.

The Perfect Road Trip

In the summer of 2013 I made a road trip between Bucharest and Chamonix, going through the most imposing road passes in the Alps: 5700 kilometers, more than 100,000 meters elevation difference, 14 passes, 14 days, a 23-year old BMW and a caravan. The story went viral.