The Modern Explorer

Fifty years ago a child named David Neacsu was born in Bucharest, Romania. At the same time a story was born. When life becomes the story of your dream, you become a hero.

Do you know which is the most elitist club? Do you know who are the people that discovered the world of yesterday and today’s world is grounded upon them? They are the explorers, the people who were the first everywhere, before anyone and anything. They took the first steps on unknown lands, in places that most of us only imagine when we listen to their stories about seas, oceans, deserts and mountains where you cannot reach unless you have the courage to destroy the barriers and go on trips in which the most faithful companion is death. Death is always with you, on hot or cold weather, in danger or joy, like a shadow. So the first question you can think of is if they are human because they were in places where not even the gods can reach, accompanying themselves with a partner that terrifies us all.

David Neacsu is a man who follows in the footsteps of pioneers, a modern explorer who walked in the most beautiful places on Earth, but also in some of the most dangerous. He came across different people and various traditions, he felt the humble peace of Himalayan inhabitants, but also the crudity of the aboriginals from New Guinea for whom cannibalism is still natural.

David climbed Mont Blanc and Elbrus, the highest mountains in Europe, Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America, Mc. Kinley in Alaska, the highest peak in North America, Kilimanjaro and Kenya in Africa, Huascaran in Peru, Ilimani in Bolivia, Cotopaxi in Ecuador, Kala Patthar in Nepal and Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. He was the leader of the first Romanian Expedition on Everest, the highest mountain in the world, successfully completed and during which was set a world record for paragliding.

David makes these trips alone, without sponsors, because he managed to climb a peak that many businessmen only dream of. He owns a chain of outdoor equipment stores, a business whose turnover is currently 13.5 million euro. He began modestly, with a rented stand in a shopping center and a dream suggestively named Himalaya.

When he was asked to be the hero of the second Vagabond episode, David answered “yes”, without any hesitation. David is like a living adventure book, where you can find stories from around the world. In this episode I will make an imaginary trip around the Earth, but I will also try to find the man who hides behind the modern explorer.

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