TARVISIO 2018 is a project done in 2018 for Luca Valdesi and Davide Benetello.

Luca is European and World Champion at Kata and Kata Team in the world’s greatest Karate system in the world: WKF (World Karate Federation) and trainer of the Italian Kata Team (Mattia Busato, Alessandro Iodice, Alfredo Tocco). Luca’s website: www.lucavaldesi.com

Davide is European and World Champion at Kumite in the same system (WKF), also Chairman of WKF Athletes Commission and WKF Executive Committee Member. Davide’s website: www.davidebenetello.com

Every winter they organize one of the greatest Karate events in the world in Tarvisio, Italy. Each year the karate enthusiasts can train with Luca and Davide, but in the same time with Sensei Andrea Valdesi (Luca’s father and trainer) and with another great champions. In 2018 they invited Ivan Leal Reglero – WKF World Kumite Champion,  Gennaro Talarico – WKF European Kumite Champion and Damian  Quintero – WKF European Kata Champion and No.1 in WKF Official Ranking.

I used a Nikon D810 with 16mm fisheye, 70-200mm and 14-24mm lenses.

All the pictures below were downsized from 36 MB (RAW) to 300 Kb for the website. All rights reserved.

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