Samurai Reloaded 1 is a project done in 2014 for Romanian Karate Federation. My job was to document a Karate Training Camp which was held in Bucharest. Due to my extremely busy schedule I only had one oportunity to shoot, at a training, for two hours. The first part of the training was based on specific Karate techniques, the second on Kobudo (use of traditional weapons).

The goal was to obtain some promotional photos for this Karate Training Camp, which is mostly promoted on facebook. So I started with this ideea in my mind, to make the composition of the pictures for facebook profile photos and cover photos: square and long rectangle (851 x 315).


I used a Nikon D810 with 28-300mm lenses.

All the pictures below were downsized from 36 MB (RAW) to 300 Kb for the website. All rights reserved.

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