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Once upon a time there was a green-eyed blonde kid that his parents took to Karate at three and a half years old. I quickly understood that the only solution to get along with him was to allow him sometimes to colour with pencils in his colouring book, during trainings, while the other children were busily training: even if I tried to tell him to participate in trainings without allowing his breaks of colouring, he used to piss and bite me. He was biting me hard, as hard as he could and after training, the children were going to his mother and saying:

– Madame “Petru’s mother”, Petru was again biting Sensei.

And Madame, ” Petru’s mother ” blushed with shame while I was fun and was showing her the traces of Petru bites on my hand, telling her that it was no problem, that I liked him. “The more combative, the better is” I said to her without letting her know what I was doing at trainings when Petru, upset that I had interrupted his favourite activity, was showing his cusps:

-You bite me unsuccessfully by your small and inefficient hamster teeth because it doesn’t hurt me, you just tickle me and make me laugh. The only way whereby you can piss me is to be better than me at Karate, but I know you think you cannot and for this you bite, like a rabid mouse with calf’s teeth.

And Petru was biting harder, shaking his head like a young pit-bull, pissed that I was laughing at him, and then he went to his corner, miffed, and trying to drown his sorrows in the colouring book. Then, there was a period when both of us were watching each other out of corner of our eyes: I to what he was doing and he to what I was doing. If our eyes were intersecting we pretended that it’s an accident and we did not care one another.

In time I succeeded to gain his confidence and it was a real victory. In order for Petru to trust you, you have to be fair, otherwise he will place you in his hierarchy on a lower step and from it’s almost impossible to come back. So I was fair with him, meaning that I did not pace him at all: every time I had a reason to amuse myself on his account I did it, triggering the tornado of his huge pride. And every time we were fighting, while I was explaining him exactly how I was fooling him, what was his point of vulnerability and what he had to do to be better. There was always a fight between us and I always liked it because it was never the same.

With Petru I learned how to lead without coercion and authority, before those who are always in a combative position. The solution with him was to prove him that the variant chosen by me had the best chances of success, to show him that I exposed his weak points just for him to be aware of them and let him decide himself.

Then Petru began a meticulous process of personal reconstruction. It was then and it is still now fascinating to observe him with how much passion and perseverance he focusses on a thing he aims at, until he manages to get what he wants. It is fascinating because it is not a common thing, not all people have this ability of self-development and self-motivation, only real champions do. Real champions develop from inside, not from outside, and if you watch Petru you see it in each moment, you feel like a too big spirit for him is hidden in that body of a kid.


My name is Petru, a 12 year old boy with lots of dreams and hopes that I will manage to become a great sportsman.

I started practising karate at 3 years old and half when my mother took me and my brother at the karate club. My mother kindly asked Sensei to accept also me as she was coming however at the dojo with my brother. This is how I started trainings, taking with me a colouring book, pencils and toys at the gym. Even if it seemed that I had other concerns, I used to peek at what the other kids were doing. I was often angry with Sensei and as revenge, I bit him or I didn’t talk to him as my mother would have wanted. In time, I started to participate more and more at training actively and it pissed me a lot if Sensei was taking no regard to me.

I trained with other children of the Club, and we went to training camps at the Rarau Mountain to where, besides karate, we had a great time. I was only 5 years old and half when I was in my first training camp. After all this time together, not only in the gym but also at play in the park or in holidays with our parents, we established solid friendships. It is nice that both us and our parents get together very well.

After 3 years of training Sensei trusted me to start also, the competition activity. I have participated at many competitions so far, whether friendly or National Championships, I have won many medals both individually and as a team. It is a feeling hard to describe in words, there are some emotions difficult to control when you are on the podium, and when you are on the top step, your happiness is maximum. Moreover, although it is not nice to say, it is extremely satisfactory when you win a match against a redoubtable opponent.

Danny, Konrad and I make the boy team and we do a great job together, we get together very well and we help each other. Without trust we can not go on. We all want to participate also at championships abroad. Our first chance is 2019, the year when we can participate at an European and World Championship.

Project 2019 will lead us to what we want – an European or World medal in an Olympic karate. Certainly it would be the greatest achievement of my life and of our life, as a team. A point that can make the difference between our team and our opponents’ team is the friendship between us, the friendship established in the years we have spent together.

For reaching our goal, we will have to overcome many obstacles, the greatest one being the time. At this time every second counts and it can even make the difference in 2019 Championships. I and my colleagues will be involved by all our forces to fulfil our dream, no matter how difficult it would be. Certainly, to win before children trained by European or World experienced Champions, it is not an easy thing.

Each training counts, a missing training representing a lower chance to fulfill our dream. We need to respect the training schedule well-developed by Sensei. The training book where we count our daily training: time, pulse before and after practice and also the theme, should be our guide. Project 2019 will be difficult to achieve, but with ambition and perseverance it may be fulfilled.

“A point that can make the difference between our team and our opponents’ team is the friendship between us, the friendship established in the years we have spent together.”