The Man Beyond Good and Evil

I like to say about Vagabond that it is a gateway to a genuine world, resembling that of our childhood stories, a world where the past, present and future intertwine on a scene where yesterday’s heroes come alive in a real adventure, full of courage, power and innocence.

Episode five will be the gateway to a world that is beyond good and evil, the experience with the hero of this episode will really be a trip to an area where things can’t be black or white anymore. I expect to have a mental experience, to gain insight into principles and value systems, and for that I will try not to let myself be led by emotions in these seven days.

Hadi Rahimian’s story enters early, when he is still in his teens, into the scenery that is most often associated with heroism, the battle field. While in Tehran, he found out that Iran is bombed by Iraq and that all men are called to arms, and first he became an infantryman, position that in that war was the most unfortunate, then a paratrooper. There followed a long period of time lived in a very tough war, as all conventional wars are. After eight years spent among machine gun nests, trenches, corpses caught in barbed wire, comrades killed by bullets, bayonets or treacherous chemical weapons, Hadi was one of the 100 Iranians returned home out of the 300 that went to war together with him.

“In the heat of the battle” he says he’s seen “the naked truth about life”, that nothing depends 100% of yourself, and so Hadi realized that his destiny was to become a doctor, saying that, even though they seem “big words”, what motivates him most in his work is “the love for people”. He was the first to perform in Romania a surgery in utero, treating a bilateral fetal hydrothorax and saving the life of a baby boy before he was born. Today, Hadi Rahimian is an Obstetrics and Gynecology Primary Care Physician, a PhD candidate in Medical Sciences, and the Director of the REGINA MARIA Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Bucharest.

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