Luca & Davide is a project done in 2015 for Luca Valdesi and Davide Benetello.

Luca is European and World Champion at Kata and Kata Team in the world’s greatest Karate system in the world: WKF (World Karate Federation) and trainer of the Italian Kata Team (Mattia Busato, Alessandro Iodice, Alfredo Tocco). Luca’s website:

Davide is European and World Champion at Kumite in the same system (WKF), also Chairman of WKF Athletes Commission and WKF Executive Committee Member. Davide’s website:

In 2015 they were in Romania, to lead a training camp at Cheile Gradistei, being invited by the Romanian Karate Federation.

I usually write my photo stories in 3, 7, 14 or maximum 21 frames, but this time I will made an exception, I will show you 50 frames.

I used a Nikon D810 with 70-200mm and 14-24mm lenses.

All the pictures below were downsized from 36 MB (RAW) to 300 Kb for the website. All rights reserved.

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