Once upon a time there were two best friends: one teenage boy and a dog called Groll. They were… inseparable. The boy used to say about his friend: with me he is loyal, fair, sometimes forgiving and sometimes funny. With himself he is stoic. In competitions, he is a champion. In front of strangers Groll is strong, combative, determined, fearless, undefeated, impressive, gorgeous. If we meet God in our journeys and if God is against us, God will be defeated.

The boy and his dog were best friends for ten years of thrilling adventures around the world, facing enemies, growing together, winning in dog shows until one day when Groll passed away, probably going to God. After that, for seven years the boy was a selfish, lonely, dreaming drifter.

In the seventh year of solitude, browsing through the few photos left of his friend, remembering emotions, building memories, the boy decided it’s time for a new beginning. A new friend, a new story but this time not one just written in his mind and his soul, but one that will last forever. “Such an amazing friend and such incredible 10 years of friendship and all I have left are some bad pictures. I wish I had more…” he said.

Filmed with a pocket camera from the first day they met, photographed with the phone from the time of the first road home, Jinx is the new friend who someday will make the boy feel again the inevitable reality of life: dogs live less than humans. But this time all the moments will be stolen from life in thousands of frames and hundreds of motion pictures, defying destiny, until it will be all over, and time will run out.

Once upon a time in a morning a question was born: how many stories like this could there be around the world? In the afternoon a statement was made: these friendship stories must last forever. By evening, JinxSez brand was created with a simple meaning: JinxSez will say the story of all these kind of friendships around the world, in the most professional and modern way available at the moment.

JinxSez is the everlasting tribute for an irreplaceable friend called Groll.


Over time dogs have been man’s best friends. Carrying sledges to the North Pole, accompanying them when hunting, protecting their families from enemies, guiding sheep herds, fighting in wars along soldiers, helping policemen to catch villains, saving people from drowning or from avalanches, or just waiting patiently the return of the master for a little bit of play and a walk in the park, dogs are known to have been man’s best friend, always offering them trust, respect and love. This has always been a world of the humans that dogs have made more beautiful.

Just imagine now a world in which everything is inverted, in which people serve devotedly their dogs, running along them in the park to be in shape, making sacrifices to offer them the best food, hiring a veterinarian to care for their health, a personal hair stylist to make them look good, a tamer to convince them not to be spoiled, a handler to walk them in shows all over the world, a universe in which people do everything for the dogs to become superstars. Imagine a world of dogs.

Now, while reading this, you probably know this world is real. In the universe of show dogs, people do whatever is possible for their friends to win, it’s a coach-athlete relationship in which the dog is the star. A glamorous, competitive, exuberant place, full of passion, energy and elegance. This is a dog’s world. In this universe JinxSez offers dogs one more thing that they want, need and love.  JinxSez makes great dogs become amazing.


JINX SEZ mission is to offer every show dog who wants to be a winner one of the vital ingredients for success: a complete package of visual identity made without compromise by professionals at the highest standards. Your story written in 7 Chapters.

At the beginning we took time to reflect about our vision. A lot of legends look into the past. We are building new legends looking into the future. We use photography but we don’t just take pictures of great dogs, we make great dogs look stunning when we photograph them. We don’t film promos with show dogs, we use cinematography to make dogs become stars in their own movies. Above all, what needs an athlete to become a champion?

Identity is a combination of spirit, essence and heritage.

Do you know that moment during the show when your friend has highlighted his temper and character, that moment when he has stopped in the perfect position with the most expressive attitude and with every muscle from his body tense in an attentive posture that makes him look like an alive sculpture? There has been a moment, like the blink of an eye, in which everything, the light, the crowd, even the other athletes, made it look like everything happened for him, and the judge looked at him and gave him the title.

In our vision, only a photo that captures that moment truly deserves the inclusion in the visual identity package of your dog. We know that he wants it, you want it, and therefore we also want it. We deeply know the heritage of your dog’s breed, we always study and perfect to be connected with everything that is new in the world of blood lines and the evolution tendencies of the breed in the modern canine universe. We love the canine world, this is our passion.


In a canine world the ambassador of exquisite services should be a dog. This honor was given to Jinx, an Airedale Terrier that at the moment of launching the brand on the market was two years old. Just as any dog lover knows, an Airedale is smart, funny, playful, energetic and brave.

Jinx is also a dog with personality who wants to get involved in everything and who has always something to say about what is happening. Just as a true leader, he always wants to have the last word and sometimes even has. Anyway, a subordinate role wouldn’t have been appropriate for him, so Jinx is the ambassador of the brand that bears his name.

Jinx has also a very sound and practical thinking: everything that is best belongs to him, no matter if we talk about the best place to sleep, the best food or the most interesting toy. Therefore, Jinx sez that he will own the best visual identity materials ever made for a dog and will be remembered as the best dog story narrator ever!


Being a dog who wants to be kept informed with everything going on, one of his favorite activity is to stay straight, in two feet, and to watch out of the window at the world outside. This is probably a manifestation of his free spirit, being always prepared to explore, ready for adventure, always on the go. His house is only a place to rest, his true home is the free world.

Standing for many hours every day in this position, in two feet, Jinx has developed in time a pose that has become his second nature. Normally a dog stands like this when he wants something, and Jinx always wants everything. The way in which he stands, with his strong muscles tensed highlighting his gorgeous superior line and bold attitude make his prancing position absolutely unique.

As Ferrari owns the prancing horse in automotive world, Jinx owns the prancing posture in dog’s world.

This is the story of JinxSez brand but this is not the end because this is a story of a story-telling brand.  So…