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Once upon a time there was an ambitious little girl who came to Karate when she was about five years old, Alexandra. It didn’t matter for her which was the challenge, it didn’t matter who were the competitors, she always wanted to be the best. If the team she was part of, was going to win, she wanted to lead the team, if all of the team were to get the first prize, she wanted to be known that she was the best of those ones with golden medal. There where the competition ended for most, she found a new challenge. If she was the best among girls, that meant for her that she should become better than boys. And she always found a way to get what she wanted.

Soon she changed the gang; the girls were too childish for her. I was noticing her speaking only to older girls, who were interesting because they knew things that she hadn’t found out yet. Otherwise, Alexandra used to spend her time in the boys gang. Sometimes she pissed on them for not playing football at level that she played it.

“I have to win” I could read on her face every time I launched a new challenge. Sometimes the challenge was to help me to teach something to beginners. Then she wanted to be the first to choose an apprentice, because she knew very well who was the traiee who was to learn the fastest, so the one next to whom she would win the competition “who learns the fastest,” even if she was the only one who was participating at such competition.

She always wanted to be the best and to have alongside the best ones, and the way she expressed her disappointment, even through a micro expression of the face when things could be as she wished, was so direct that I was forced to protect her. No child from the gym has generated so much opposition on behalf of the team as Alexandra did, and she is actually the only sportsman girl with whom I was sometimes perceived as having a preferential approach. Her character, competitive and direct, sometimes seemed almost brutal, especially when it was accompanied by facts: Alexandra was winning competition after competition with an outstanding precision. Thus, she proved to the others why she wanted to be the best and to have alongside the best ones: because she deserved and knew it.

Sometimes, after victory, she was showing the world through a smile that she had won and that was the time when I needed to be nearby her, in order to protect her against the effect of her smile on the world that she was fighting against in her mind.

In time, the team members understood that, what they may have perceived as being arrogance on her side, was actually a feature of a strong character, they learned not to feel vulnerable any longer in front of this feature, and Alexandra attracted nearby her the strongest characters of the team, proving that she was capable of a truly rare thing, a feature common only to successful people: the ability to feel admiration and not envy in front of the victories of others. When the others realized that the most effective way to a friendship with Alexandra was to challenge her as they were increasingly performant, to make her feel that she was to develop alongside with them, the team dynamics immediately oriented in the positive direction.


Project 2019 means for me a great responsibility since I have to organize my time for my training which  is vital for my future in my sport career. I think that if I attend my training properly without cheating and playing phone games instead of making what I need to do, I can advance very quickly. Also the other team members need to organize their training time, otherwise both kata teams or sportsmen themselves will have a much lesser chance at the  European or World Championships.

We must be attentive to the feedback from Sensei, thus we can correct the mistakes we make. If we want to be champions we have to work, leaving everything else uninteresting that might distract us from the training sessions. The most important thing for us is to manage to make time for training and I am sure that we can, we just have to want it. All sportsmen went through difficult times in competitions, especially in the early years, because we all had many emotions that we could not control, but over time we grew up and became the best in Romania at Karate because we wanted it.

Meanwhile we, members of the performance team, are also very good friends and we get along very well. Sometimes, we also argue like any friend, but we get over quickly. We have learned something from all, because each of us has one or more strong points, but meanwhile we also have weak points and we work to develop ourselves. We desire very much like in 2019, when we participate at the European Championship or the World Championship, to win the golden medal; this will happen only as a result of efforts made by us.

We have the best Sensei that I have met up to now, because he takes great care of us; we are like a family and get along very well. At training sessions we joke, we also play, but when it comes to be serious and to focus, we are one hundred percent involved. I like that Sensei leads us to do what is right and I know, in fact we all know that he wants the best for us. We have grown up together with him and I have learned a lot from him.

I am very ambitious when I want and I think that I will get where I intend if I continue to train as I am doing now. I hope that others think the same and they have to be aware that whatever they do will depend on the future that we will have. Everything we do at school and karate, all we learn will count greatly in our future. I do believe in us and I really think we will manage to do something good in the coming championships. We can make together a more beautiful future. We are the greatest, you will see. Therefore this project is a very, very cool one!

“We are the greatest, you will see. Therefore this project is a very, very cool one!”