First of all, I am the pack leader. The dog is Jinx, my best friend and the ambassador of JINX SEZ brand, which produces Visual Identities for dogs. Find more in the PHOTOGRAPHER menu.


I am the web designer and content producer for this website, excepting the photos in the BMW TRAINER menu.


I made successful winter ascents on Mont Blanc (4810m) and Elbrus (5642m) and road expeditions using my ’90s BMW, in winter, up to the Arctic Circle and in summer, towing a caravan, across the highest alpine roads in Europe.


I am a former National Karate Champion. I have the Third Degree (3 DAN) received from the World WKF Champion Luca Valdesi and his father and trainer Andrea Valdesi. Six of my students passed the Black Belt exam with Andrea & Luca Valdesi.


I graduated The BMW Driving Academy, becoming a certified BMW Trainer. I had the privilege to be coached by three man that I consider to be the best trainers I ever met : Walter Bachhuber, Claudiu David & Ede Weihretter.


I like to run, to swim, to dive, to climb. I love to play with my bike on the mountains, with my kayak on the sea and with my skis on black slopes. I believe in diversity and authenticity.


I am a free man. I travel, explore, discover and use words, photos and videos to write true stories. On my business card is written Vagabond. Vagabond is an award winner documentary about special people, made entirely by myself.

CALL+4 0745 264 054