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I am glad to work with top tier brands. Behind this collaboration lies a simple philosophy: a true partnership is based on respect, trust and mutual advantage. My most important values are the freedom and the truth.


“I gladly accepted to be the first protagonist of the Vagabond Series made by Ovidiu Jelea because this is how I felt. I often work with the media but I never fully exposed myself, I’ve never  revealed the most intimate moments of my life. I did this in front of Ovidiu and his Vagabond project, project that fascinated me primarily through how it’s done : one single shot,  no training, no directing or script.
Now I am friend with Ovidiu and I feel happier that I’ve responded positively to his short and simple question: “do you want to be the hero of my first film?” Vagabond Series is much more than a flow  of unique images. This series is about real people, with real people seen  through the eyes and the soul of a real man. It’s about real life experiences. This authenticity makes him extremely valuable. “
“Since the first proposal, we have embraced the Vagabond project and we are impressed by the vision that Ovidiu Jelea has for this film and the professionalism with which he treats the main characters. We believe that this film has an educational role for the young because it aims to highlight the types of models less promoted by Romanian media: ordinary people doing extraordinary things every day with passion and determination.
We encourage the unique approach that Ovidiu has in this project, we particularly appreciate the characters that he chooses, how he works with his partners and his respect for them. Nikon is not at the first collaboration with Ovidiu, we supported him in a different project that involves high altitude mountain expeditions done in winter and we were extremely impressed with the results of the tests made ​​with Nikon equipment in extreme conditions.”
“Ovidiu Jelea was a student of mine at the VSLO 2014  film-workshop in Vama Veche, Romania. One day Ovidiu approached me and asked me if I would like to see a film that he had made.  I was a bit hesitant.  The next day we had breakfast together.   Ovidiu turned on his notebook and screened me his film.   The first documentary of his series of Vagabond project, this was the film about the Romanian racing-car driver Claudiu David.
I was overwhelmed.  What he showed me was way beyond any of my expectations.   Ovidiu Jelea is a natural born film-maker.  He has a personal nerve, an understanding and a God given talent for film-making that is rarely seen.  Ovidiu will go very far in international film-making if he wants to.  What Ovidiu needs is a producer that could help him tighten his films.  With that support, he will be a Film Festival winner and he will become a recognized film-maker at top international level.  It is a privilege for me to know Ovidiu. “


This menu will lead you to the ADVENTURER section of the website. You can read here the stories of some of my adventures.

I made winter ascents on Mont Blanc (4810m) and Elbrus (5642m).

I also made some crazy road trips, one in winter, with my ’90s BMW, across the whole of Europe, to the Arctic Circle and then to the Caucasus. Another one was made in the summer, with the same BMW, towing a caravan over the highest alpine passes in Europe, accumulating a difference of more than 100,000 meters.


This menu will lead you to a page about my best karate students.

Our team won until now 94 National Champion Titles and 455 gold medals in different competitions. Still, all of this titles and medals are just small steps to our goal: we want to win a title in a WKF tournament.

I was National Champion in both Kata & Kumite trials. I have the Third Degree (3 DAN) received from the World WKF Champion Luca Valdesi and his father and trainer Andrea Valdesi.


This menu will lead you to a page about my activity as a BMW Trainer.

I graduated the famous BMW Driving Academy in Maisach Germany and after that I worked as a trainer for several workshops and events, and as Coordinator Driver Trainer for one of the biggest automotive events In Romania, BMW Exclusive xDrive Experience.


This menu will lead you to the FILMAKER section of the website.

You will find there five episodes of Vagabond Series, an award winner  documentary with special people, true contemporary heroes, made only with a photo camera and a laptop, vagabonding through the world with a car and a caravan.

The movies are done entirely by myself, excepting the soundtrack. I am proud that the band Urma decided to support this documentary with their amazing rhymes. Soon all the episodes will be edited in a new format. This is the project I love most.


This menu will lead you to the PHOTOGRAPHER section of my website. You will find here different kinds of photography.

JINX SEZ is a niche brand, dedicated to the glamourous world of canine shows. If you are not a dog lover, you will be after you will visit the visual identities I made for some show dogs. .

In the SPORTS  submenu you will see how I wrote the stories of different sport events using photography. Both, canine photography and sports photography are challenging. You can also see here  landscapes and travel photography.


This menu will lead you to the STORYTELLER section of my website. You will find here articles about different subjects, some of them not so comfortable to talk about. Life it is not always peaceful, shiny and glamorous. It has it’s crappy moments. People also act sometimes fair and sometimes unfair.  I don’t believe you can achieve harmony by ignoring always the nasty moments that you encounter.

In the same time, if you want to go further or deeper in an area of your interests, sometimes you will face the lies and, of course, you can ignore the lies but in this way you accept them. I believe that lying yourself is the supreme prove of low self-esteem and an act that enslaves you. The truth is an compulsory ingredient of freedom.

Sometimes, when you affirm the truth, it hurts. The bigger the lie, the deeper is the pain in front of the truth!

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